Journalist Michael Pollan estimated that 20% of American meals are eaten in a car.

A lot of our patients tell us that they eat lunch while checking email and catching up on work…that is, if they take a lunch break at all.

Do you schedule lunch breaks into your day?

It’s a problem, because eating quickly – and mindlessly – can:

‣ lead to indigestion and GI issues
‣ cause you to eat more calories
‣ increase your risk of developing metabolic issues (like weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke).

And if you’ve been following us on social media, or are a patient at our practice, you already know that nutrition seriously affects sleep and mental health.

So when it comes to healthy eating, it’s not just about what you eat, but also how you eat it.

This video is all about “mindful eating” (also known as “eating hygiene”).

I’m sharing:
‣ How mindful eating can help improve digestion
‣ How eating affects your nervous system
‣ 4 mindful eating skills you can start practicing today

Try out some of the tips and see how they feel.

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