Even if you’re doing pretty well in your day to day life – you might excel at work or business, and have great friends, a nice home, you still might find yourself worrying, overthinking, or feeling generally overwhelmed.

If that’s the case, it could be a sign of high functioning anxiety.

There are different kinds of anxiety disorders, like GAD, OCD, and social anxiety.

High functioning anxiety isn’t an official diagnosis, but it’s a term that used to describe people who have anxiety even though they’re functioning pretty well overall.

It’s important to recognize because it might be subtle but can still have an impact on a person’s quality of life.

For those of us who identify as high achievers, stress might show up as more intense patterns of perfectionism and “high functioning anxiety”.

Here are 7 signs of high functioning anxiety to look out for:
1️⃣ Overthinking
2️⃣ Overanalyzing
3️⃣ Overperforming
4️⃣ Relying on substances to unwind
5️⃣ Insomnia and fatigue
6️⃣ Nail biting, skin picking, hair twirling, or leg shaking
7️⃣ People pleasing

Do you relate to any of those?

People with high functioning anxiety may be outwardly pretty successful. But beneath the surface lingers self-doubt, worry, difficulty relaxing, and the dreaded “comparisonitis”.

Because we work with so many people in tech, business, and entertainment, we tend to see a lot of high functioning anxiety in our practice…and we have a process to help people overcome it.

This video is all about high functioning anxiety, including:
✅ How to know if you might have it
✅ Sneaky signs to look out for
✅ 5 ways to deal with it

Click here to watch the video.

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