About Ailar Poormoghaddam, Nutritionist

Nutrition can be a controversial topic…

… especially when looking at different sources online or on social media.

New trends and topics are always taking over the Internet, and they’re often not supported by clinical research or data. Many follow these trends, choosing “self-healing” and “trial and error.”

Nutrition should be personalized because the same plans don’t work for everyone. My treatment approach involves using food first, then supplements if needed, and medication if necessary as a last resort.

As an expert trained in functional medicine, I’m here to offer you fa personalized approach that works with your lifestyle and diet to optimize your gut and mental health.

I’m on a mission to educate my clients…

… so they can start looking at food differently – to see it as nutrients to optimize their overall health (rather than mere calories).

The solutions to healing the gut-brain connection are often simple, but determining the root cause(s) and working toward the answer can be challenging. Unfortunately, the power of food as medicine is rarely discussed in conventional medical settings.

During our first session…

We will spend some time getting to know one another and discussing how we can best work toward achieving your goals. As we discuss ways to support your gut health, we’ll remain focused on you as a person and all your concerns.

We’ll use a variety of intake assessments and questionnaires through The Institute of Functional Medicine. These tools are designed to determine what your symptoms are telling us.

Our practice also offers a variety of blood, urine, and stool testing to look for possible underlying infections, imbalances, or insufficiencies, but none of these tests is required.

Some of my professional background…

Fascinated with the brain and how it controls everything in the body, I got my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in molecular and cell biology with an emphasis in neurobiology.

During my senior year, I had some challenges with my mental and gastrointestinal health. I discovered foods that were triggering my symptoms and saw how eliminating these foods improved my digestive symptoms, lowered my anxiety, and helped me focus more in class. I learned first-hand why the gut is sometimes called our “second brain.”

From there, I went on to get my master’s degree in human nutrition and functional medicine, and I became a board-certified clinical nutritionist after graduation.

A bit more about me…

As you can probably tell, I’m extremely passionate about food and nutrition. I believe that healthy food can be delicious and nutritious at the same time. I love to eat, cook, try new ingredients, and share my findings with others.

How we eat is influenced by many factors: culture, genetics, community, lifestyle, financial circumstances, and environment. Growing up in a Middle Eastern household, meals were a time for our family to come together, talk (sometimes for several hours), and enjoy each other’s company. I believe the community we surround ourselves with (friends, family members, colleagues, etc.) has the power to positively impact our food choices and eating habits.

Ready to get started?

Many wait until their health concerns become severe and chronic before seeking help from a professional.

I recommend that you not wait any longer!

To learn more about working together, contact us through our website to schedule a free discovery call. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


*Services available in English and Farsi.