About Josh Habansky, PMHNP

About JoshYou may have been told you’re depressed or anxious…

… because you have a chemical imbalance. This idea has been perpetuated without much evidence to support it.

Sure, neurotransmitters play a role in our well-being, and we won’t disregard psychotropic medication to help you feel better while we delve deeper into your story.

But there’s so much more to explore than just your brain!

A new paradigm…

Together, we’ll look at the root causes of your symptoms.

I use conventional lab and specialty functional testing to discover what’s keeping you from achieving optimal health and well-being: micronutrient deficiencies, chronic inflammation, gut dysbiosis, food sensitivities, nervous system imbalances, and more!

Food really is medicine, which is why we’ll focus on how you eat as a way of improving your mental and metabolic health.

We all need to feel seen, heard, and valued.

We’re living in a time when connecting is harder than ever. From the grocery store to our dining room tables, we’re pulled in so many directions, often away from significant connection with others.

When we work together, I make it my mission to know you – what makes you tick, what’s kept you from fulfilling your dreams, and the strengths that keep you putting one foot in front of the other.

From there, I use a root-cause medicine approach to help you balance your biology and psychology.

Don’t worry… I see you and have your back!

Some of my professional background…

I am a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner (NP).

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Connecticut, where I studied psychology. I continued my education at Southern Connecticut State University, completing a second bachelor’s degree in nursing and becoming a registered nurse. From there, I completed my NP training at Regis College and earned a master’s degree in nursing.

I have a deep passion for root-cause medicine, often referred to as functional or integrative medicine. This led me to complete training at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, where I became certified in functional and integrative psychiatry and completed training in nutritional psychiatry.

I’m completing a fellowship in functional psychiatry at Psychiatry Redefined, founded by Dr. Greenblatt, a pioneer in integrative medicine. To deepen my knowledge of functional medicine, I am training at the ADAPT Institute, founded by Chris Kresser, L.Ac.

When I’m not working with clients…

I’m lucky to live in the Bay Area, where there is no shortage of beautiful hiking spots!

I love trying out new coffee shops, going to concerts, and practicing yoga.

Starting is usually the hardest part.

Sometimes knowing and doing can feel like they’re lightyears apart.

We know it’s time to make a change. We know we want better for ourselves. But taking action… that’s often the hard part where we get tripped up.

You may feel overwhelmed, hopeless, sad… or struggling with any number of difficult emotions. You might feel like you’ve tried everything. Or maybe you’ve had a hard time asking for help at all.

But don’t let these feelings keep you from taking that first step. Our work together won’t be sterile, paternalistic, or a ticket to the next prescription.

No, I want to work WITH you and celebrate your wins as you make this healing journey!

Please contact us to get started with your free consultation!