About Nishi Bhopal M.D. (Founder)

About NishiGrowing up in a Punjabi family in Vancouver, BC…

I did all the things I was supposed to do. I graduated from university, went to medical school, and got into a good residency program.

But during residency training, my stress levels skyrocketed. Doubt. Perfectionism. Anxiety. Exhaustion. Burnout was my constant companion.

Then I was introduced to the power of yoga and meditation, and a new world of exploration opened up. My nervous system got back online, and I realized there was much more to health and well-being than we were taught in conventional medical training.

I’m a skeptic at heart, but from personal experience, I’ve seen there is something to this holistic stuff!

It changed my life, and now it’s my passion.

I opened Pacific Integrative Psychiatry to combine the best tools from Eastern and Western medicine, offering a holistic approach that can help others live better lives.

I love sharing what I’ve learned from my professional training and personal experiences. Many of my patients say that I know how to give them specific, helpful resources right when they need them (anything from clinical referrals to podcast episodes). You could say that’s one of my superpowers!

Some of my professional background…

I’m board-certified in psychiatry, sleep medicine, and integrative holistic medicine.

After graduating from the University College Cork School of Medicine, I completed my psychiatric residency at Henry Ford Hospital and a fellowship in sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School.

I’m also a Certified Integrative Psychiatry Provider and have additional training in Ayurveda and functional medicine.

When I’m not working with clients…

You can also find me talking about sleep on my YouTube channel, practicing Isha Yoga, or hiking in the Bay Area with my husband and our black lab, Sempa.