About Pacific Integrative Psychiatry

1032280819A whole-body approach to mental health…

Anxiety isn’t all in your head, depression isn’t a serotonin deficiency, and sleep issues don’t come from drinking too many lattes.

As a psychiatric practice, we’ll work with you to see if medications are appropriate. But we do a lot more than just prescribe medications.

Together, we’ll explore other causes of the symptoms holding you back from achieving your full potential.

We use integrative treatments (like supplements and mind-body practices), lab testing, medications, and therapy.

We also have a functional nutritionist on staff to help you with personalized nutrition plans and precision nutritional testing .

Our entire team is invested in your well-being.

Whether it’s your first time seeing a psychiatrist or therapist, or you’ve seen a number of them before, you want to work with someone you can trust.

And you want a team that’s available to you – one that’s accessible between sessions. Here, you won’t be on your own, waiting months for your next appointment, trying to figure things out.

Our doctors are committed to forming a lasting connection with you, and our admin team will quickly respond to your calls, texts, and emails.

When you’re a patient here, you’ll say things like, “Wow, your team is ON IT!”

We know you’re busy.

You’ve got back-to-back meetings, you’re in another sprint at work, you still have to onboard that new hire, and the anxiety is making it an even bigger uphill battle.

That’s why we go the extra mile to be available to you. You can securely text or private message our team when you need something, and your doctor is directly available to you whenever you have questions, which you can send through our secure portal. Plus, you’ll have access to your doctor’s calendar, so you can self-schedule whenever you need a check-in.

Gone are the days of getting stuck in phone trees trying to schedule an appointment or ask a question!

459775861Your voice is important.

You’re the expert on your life. We’re here to listen, be a guide, and help you craft a roadmap to wellness.

We encourage you to speak up when things aren’t working for you. Not only will this help us serve you better, but it’s also a great way to practice using your authentic voice in other areas of your life (especially for those of us who identify as people-pleasers!). Your feedback is valuable to us.

We’re also not the type to sit back, nod, and send you off with a prescription with barely a follow-up. We celebrate your wins, guide you when we see a roadblock, and challenge you to try new things.

We walk the talk.

All of our practitioners practice the things we talk to you about during sessions.

We do our own coaching, nutrition, therapy, meditation, yoga, and other personal and professional practices so that we can be grounded and fully present with you.

We’re committed to helping you reach your goals, whether you simply want a mental health “tune-up” or you’re grappling with anxiety that feels out of control.

And if you’re one of those people who’s ready to roll up your sleeves and try something new, we’ll get along splendidly!

All of our sessions are virtual, and it’s easy to get started!

Before your first session, you’ll fill out a series of intake forms detailing your mental health and medical history. We’ll ask about your current symptoms, wellness goals, medication history, sleep patterns, diet and nutrition, any supplements you’re taking, and more.

This will help your doctors get to know you before your first session and allow you to reflect on your health and what you hope to get out of your treatment. You might be surprised by what you learn about yourself through this process alone.

You’ll also fill out a set of rating scales to assess your depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms. These rating scales will be used throughout your treatment to track your progress.

To learn more and get started, schedule a free consultation!