About Veronica Couture M.D.


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A welcoming space

You deserve a space that is just for you, to find deep healing from anxiety, burnout and self-doubt. All are welcome to be seen and heard including those from our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

A deep exploration

We’ll explore the relationship between anxiety, depression, trauma and the spirit, incorporating culturally informed care and traditional indigenous healing philosophies.

Through our work together, we’ll identify the root causes of your symptoms and implement an evidence-based integrative approach that includes lab testing, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, supplements, psychiatric medications when appropriate, mind-body practices, sleep optimization, spirituality and psychotherapy.

Conditions I specialize in include: anxiety, depression, trauma, and sleep issues.

Modern medicine and traditional healing

If you are interested in medication management, we can do that. But there’s also more we can do…so if traditional practices or other dimensions of healing are of interest to you, this is a safe space to explore them.

These might include things like spirituality or religion, reiki, metaphysical practices, traditional Mexican and indigenous medicine, shamanism, other forms of energy healing and animal-assisted therapy.

My background

I’m board-certified in psychiatry with almost a decade of telepsychiatry experience and have completed a fellowship in integrative psychiatry. I graduated from residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson where I also trained through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. I am currently receiving supervision and training in integrative sleep medicine.

I completed medical school at the University of Washington where my focus was on indigenous medicine and underserved communities. Prior to this, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and graduated with a degree in biology from the University of California in Santa Cruz.

My journey into the healing arts started long before that, though. I’ve experienced for myself life-threatening and chronic illness. I also come from a lineage of indigenous and Spanish folk healers. When I have free time, I can be found in my garden or walking on the beach or in the woods behind my property in Western Washington.

If it’s raining there’s a good chance I’ll be cuddled up with a dog, reading or watching one of my favorite paranormal shows.


My philosophy

I believe mental health symptoms are often an indication of underlying imbalance. You wouldn’t simply turn off your car’s “check engine” light. You’d want to know what’s going on under the hood, right? Similarly, I don’t just want to relieve your symptoms, I want to identify and address the root causes.

What I have learned

We are more than flesh and bone. We are unique and sacred beings in physical form. We are deserving of love, joy, satisfaction and healing. Despite our many trials, we are resilient. We are forged in fire! And so, my fellow phoenix’s, I invite you to join me on a healing journey of exploration and discovery.