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Writing To Improve Yourself

Many people think of writing as something that only professional authors do. But that’s not true! Writing is for everyone. And the technique is widely used by people working toward transforming themselves through self-development. Writing allows you to express personal feelings and thoughts without feeling threatened by external forces. It

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The Top FAQ’s On Anxiety

What is anxiety? This is a question asked by many people trying to decipher the difference between this illness and others. Is anxiety an illness? Is it an ailment, a disorder? Yes, anxiety is classed as all three, depending on which stage it is at. In severe cases, there are signs

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High Functioning Anxiety

Episode 4 is all about high functioning anxiety. Integrative sleep doctor, Dr. Bhopal explains what high functioning anxiety looks like, what anxiety feels like for high functioning people, some subtle signs to look out for, and how to reduce the symptoms.

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Integrative Sleep Medicine

Episode 3 is all about holistic sleep treatment. Integrative sleep doctor, Dr. Bhopal, explains how holistic approaches help with sleep in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, and who should consider seeing an integrative sleep medicine physician. Get our FREE Holistic Mental Health Mini-Course! 🔸 Click here

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What is integrative psychiatry

Do psychiatrists actually help people get better? Do they only prescribe medications? Episode 1 is all about understanding integrative psychiatry. We’re discussing what integrative psychiatry is and who it is for.

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