Go to any grocery store, pharmacy, or even Amazon, and you’ll find tons of different vitamins and supplements to choose from.

When it comes to supplements for anxiety, a quick Google search will reveal loads of products – tablets, capsules, chews, tinctures, teas…you name it. 

💊 They come in all kinds of combinations, with ingredients like GABA, glycine, ashwagandha, L-theanine, lavender, chamomile, valerian, kava, magnesium, etc. 

It can be quite overwhelming to make sense of them all and figure out what actually works, what’s grounded in science, and what’s a waste of time and money (or potentially dangerous). 

There are a few evidence-based supplements that we use commonly with patients in our practice. 

While they’re not for everyone, when used appropriately, these supplements can be incredibly helpful at reducing symptoms of anxiety, tension, and stress.

In this video, our psych NP Josh Habansky, discusses supplements for anxiety.

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He’s sharing:

‣  Which anxiety supplements he uses with his patients, and the evidence-base

‣  Side effects and pitfalls to look out for 

‣  How to choose a good quality product

Click here to watch the video.