If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or TikTok even for just a few minutes you’ll notice that there’s a ton of information about trauma. 

Trauma is one of these terms that’s getting loads of attention lately. Which is not entirely a bad thing, as it means that more of us are becoming attuned to its effects. 

However, it’s also a term that’s widely misunderstood. 

In this YouTube episode, trauma therapist Andrew Davis LMFT and I are discussing what trauma is and its effects on mental health. 


We’re discussing:

‣ What trauma is 

‣ How to know something was a difficult life experience or a trauma 

‣ Some surprising signs and symptoms of trauma…and when to consider talking to a therapist

Click here to watch the video.

To your wellbeing,

Dr. Bhopal & The Pacific Integrative Psychiatry Team