We’re well into January and I thought this would be a good time for some reintroductions.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring our incredible practitioners at Pacific Integrative Psychiatry.

Practitioner of the Week: Josh Habansky PMHNP 

Josh is one of those rare practitioners who has a thirst for knowledge combined with clinical acumen and a caring bedside manner. 

He’s a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner with additional training in integrative psychiatry and functional medicine. 

In addition to that, he specializes in nutrition, gut health, and the ketogenic diet. 

If you’re looking for a psychiatric practitioner who will take the time to listen, help you figure out what’s going on at a root-cause level, and collaborate on a holistic treatment plan personalized to your lifestyle, Josh would be a great fit. 

I really can’t say enough good things about him. And neither can his patients – scroll down to read some of his reviews.  

I’ve been amazed by his knowledge and attention to detail, and I know that our patients will be in good hands with him. Plus he’s a dog-lover, which is always a bonus in my book. 🐾

Josh’s specialty areas include: 

✓ Depression and Anxiety 

✓ Sleep disturbances

✓ Nervous system imbalances

✓ Chronic inflammation and gut issues related to mental health

✓ Tapering psychiatric medications

His clinical approach includes: 

✓ Conventional lab and specialty functional medicine testing 

✓ Nutritional interventions, including the ketogenic diet 

✓ Medication management

✓ Supplements, herbs, and botanicals  

To get to know Josh better, check out this workshop we did on supplements for anxiety

Supplements For Anxiety

If you have any questions, schedule a free call with our team, or reply to this email. 

Then, stay tuned for next week’s practitioner spotlight. Can you guess who it will be? 

To your wellbeing,

Dr. Nishi

Nishi Bhopal MD

Founder, Pacific Integrative Psychiatry