Over the last couple of weeks, you met two of our incredible practitioners at Pacific Integrative Psychiatry – Josh Habansky PMHNP and Andrew Davis LMFT.

Practitioner of the Week: Veronica Couture MD

Whenever someone asks me about Dr. Couture, my response is always, “She’s just so cool.”

She’s a psychiatrist with additional certification in integrative medicine, and during medical school she had a special focus on indigenous medicine and underserved communities.

Dr. Couture draws upon her diverse personal experiences, including her background lineage of indigenous and Spanish folk healers, and her personal history of life-threatening and chronic illness.

When we first met, I was moved by her calming presence and rich knowledge base.

Dr. Couture is a true healer.

Whether you’re seeking a psychiatrist who can help you with medications, or one where you can get a little “woo” and talk about energy, spirituality, and shamanism without feeling judged, Dr. Couture would be a wonderful fit.

Dr. Couture’s specialty areas include:
✓ Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma
✓ Grief and Loss
✓ BIPOC and LGBTQ+ mental health
✓ Spirituality
✓ Sleep issues

Her clinical approach includes:
✓ Medication management
✓ Lab testing
✓ Nutrition & supplements
✓ Psychotherapy
✓ Mind-body practices and energy healing

To get to know Dr. Couture better, check out our video on spirituality and mental health.

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If you have any questions about working with Dr. Couture or one of our other practitioners, click here to schedule a free call with our team.

To your wellbeing,

Dr. Nishi