Second Opinion Consultation

2100165013A second set of eyes.

You’re taking medications, which seems fine, but you’re still feeling anxious, flat, and not sleeping well.

You read an article about different supplements and lab tests for mental health, and you’d love to explore that, but not sure who to talk to about these things.

Sleep could also use a bit of a tuneup, but your doctor isn’t sure what to recommend besides the usual sleep hygiene tips.

We can provide a second set of eyes on your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Ready to optimize.

You already have a psychiatrist, but they cannot guide you on supplements, nutrition, or other integrative treatments for mental health.

It would be helpful to get a second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment and learn if any other holistic treatment options might be helpful to optimize your treatment plan.

Get extra support.

Here’s what we’ll do…

We’ll discuss possible root causes for your symptoms.

We’ll take a look at your medications and see where there are areas to optimize them.

We’ll review or order any necessary lab work and explore lifestyle and other drug-free options that could support your mental health and sleep.

You can also learn how to support your mental health and sleep by improving your nutrition and gut health with our nutritionist.

We’ll also provide insights and guidance on your current treatment and personalized recommendations for supplements or other options compatible with your existing treatment.

We’ll work collaboratively with you and your current treating physician.

This can be a one-time consultation or a periodic check-in while you maintain prescription management with your psychiatrist or primary care physician.

“I thought it would be easier just to see a psychiatrist in-network, but it wasn’t the same.
I felt so much better when working with you and seeing how much value you offer. It’s so worth it.”

– Reina

Let’s get started.

Get a second opinion on your treatment plan to optimize your mental health and well-being.

Schedule a free phone consultation to see if our approach is a good fit for your needs.