What is Integrative Psychiatry?

“Have you heard of rhodiola?” a patient asked me during one of our first sessions. She’s a health-conscious millennial who works in tech and had started taking it as part of her supplement regimen.

As an integrative psychiatrist and sleep doctor, I am pretty familiar with rhodiola and might even recommend it in certain situations.

But during my work with this patient, we figured out that rhodiola was actually interacting with some of her prescription medications…and was making her feel anxious and jittery.

So we made a few changes to the treatment plan…the jitters went away and she was feeling a lot less “revved up” at work.

That’s the great thing about integrative psychiatry – it’s the best of both worlds that blends conventional treatments like medications (when appropriate) with other holistic strategies (like functional nutrition) so that people can get better, faster.

A lot of our patients say that this integrative approach has been the “secret sauce” for their mental health and sleep.

This week’s video is all about understanding integrative psychiatry.

In this video:
✅ How integrative psychiatry is different from general psychiatry
✅ Who practices it (and what to look for in a practitioner)
✅ Who should see an integrative psychiatrist

Click here to watch the video.

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The Pacific Integrative Psychiatry Team

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