“I feel like I’m going crazy,” one of my patients said to me last week. 

She’d just had a particularly difficult episode of premenstrual symptoms that resulted in what she described as a “meltdown”…irritability, snapping at her partner, crying uncontrollably, carb cravings, and intense anxiety that resolved once she got her period. 

Unfortunately, so many women deal with this. We talked about strategies to manage the symptoms with and without medications.

Do you ever struggle with PMS, or know someone who does? 

If so, you’ll want to listen in on my conversation with Cheruba Prabakar MD. 

She’s a board certified OBGYN, fellowship trained minimally invasive surgeon, and founder of Lamorinda Gynecology and Surgery in Lafayette CA. She’s also known on social media as The Fibroid Doc. 

Check her out on Instagram at @thefibroiddoc

Dr. Cheruba and I had a great chat about treatment of PMS and PMDD.

We discussed: 

‣ The difference between PMS and PMDD

‣  How hormones impact mood

‣  Non-medication treatments to consider

‣  When to consider hormonal treatment 

‣  How to work with Dr. Cheruba if you have fibroids or other gynecological issues 

Click here to watch the video. 

To your wellbeing,

Dr. Bhopal & The Pacific Integrative Psychiatry Team