What Others Are Saying

I have been seeing Jennifer for the past year and I can honestly say she is a nurse practitioner who genuinely cares. Jennifer goes out of her way for her patients and has done so, many times, for myself. She really does listen when expressing yourself or your needs to her. You can tell she loves her job and is great at it. Would definitely recommend her, and have done so in the past. Thank you for everything!

— Teacher

I have seen many mental health practitioners over the years, and Jennifer is hands down the most caring and comprehensive I've ever seen. The first visit was long and she really takes the time to get to know you and understand you. She is very savvy when it comes to holistic treatments as well which is something that's important to me. It's very obvious that she is passionate about her job and cares for her patients. I couldn't recommend her more.

— Engineer

Jennifer is an excellent diagnostician. I work in the medical field and had seen two other mental health providers and I could not get a straight answer about what was wrong with me. Within 45 minutes of talking to Jennifer she knew exactly what was going on with me and it made total sense. I was so utterly depressed, but nobody could see it because my life seems like it's such a happy life. Jennifer has educated me so much on depression and how sometimes it's not at all sadness, rather an absence of emotion. I know that I love my family, but I had felt numb all the time. I'm finally starting to feel again. I am forever grateful for Jennifer's help.

— Lab Tech

The three years I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bhopal’s have been the most transformative of my adulthood. When we first started, I was adrift - self-sabotage, self-medicating and self-destructive, I was failing in my transition from post-college new grad to full adulthood. Not only did she immediately pinpoint the root cause of my struggles, but she patiently, and insightfully deconstructed the unhealthy patterns I had fallen into, while teaching and re-teaching me healthier and more wholesome ways of living. I’m now in the happiest relationship in my life, and in an upward trajectory in my career. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist, CBT specialist, life coach and even, career counselor.

— Tech Executive

Dr. Bhopal takes time to educate and discuss mental health rather than just prescribing a medication to fix the problem. She introduces both eastern and western medical perspectives, which has allowed me to find a happy balance in my daily life. It takes effort but it is worth it, and it it helps when you have an encouraging and warm person to guide you along the way.

— Administrative Assistant

"Dr. Bhopal is a truly gifted Psychiatrist. I was under her care for approximately 3.5 years and saw tremendous improvement in my medication management and quality of life. Her holistic approach combined with cutting edge pharmaceutical knowledge creates a customized care plan tailored to each patient's needs, allowing for optimal results. Because of Dr. Bhopal's skilled methodologies and kind and caring demeanor, I have been able to greatly reduce my anxiety and increase my overall wellness. She has been so supportive of the notion that to become one's best self both personally and professionally requires investment in mental health treatment, and I am so grateful there are health care providers in this community like her. I will be forever grateful."

— Attorney

"I have always found it difficult to find support or solutions for my idiopathic hypersomnia. Dr. Bhopal was the first doctor to really seem to understand what I was going through and to offer hope for finding a solution. She looked at my blood work (which was often regarded as normal because my levels are in the normal range) from a perspective based on what I was feeling and what the numbers mean for me. I have always gone about my day feeling sleepy and thinking about when I can get my next nap in. Now that I have worked with Dr. Bhopal, we found tools and vitamins that are slowing that craving to sleep. I am so grateful that I found someone who truly listens to me as a patient and looks at the full picture to help me meet my wellness goals. I would recommend this practice to anyone who has previously been turned down by doctors or told that everything was normal when you know in your body that something isn't right."

— Grad Student

"Thank you again for all of your expertise and help with the patient I referred, they are benefitting tremendously from seeing you--literally life changing, thank you again for taking the referral!"

— Psychiatrist

"I'm grateful that some gradual small changes nudged me towards a sleep pattern that works for me. I'm happy that the treatment didn't seem as drastic as I thought it would be, because my sleep problems felt so drastic to begin with. Small changes had big results! The suggestions Dr. Bhopal gave me were really helpful. I'm really grateful."

— Product Designer

Dr. Bhopal changed my life. Her approach is insightful, intuitive and effective. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in transforming their life and wellbeing.

— CEO of Bay Area Start-Up

Dr. Bhopal is fantastic in all areas. She is smart, intelligent, compassionate, patient, open minded, delightful. I enjoy working with her immensely. Thank you, with gratitude.

— Small Business Owner

"Dr. Bhopal has a striking smile that engages you from day one. She is naturally gifted and competent beyond measure. I am grateful for such excellent care."

— Retiree

"Dr. Bhopal is a skilled and knowledgeable doctor. Coming to her for help with a lifetime of sleep problems, I was empowered to take steps that helped me establish a new, healthier relationship with sleep. Among other things I appreciated about Dr. Bhopal, I was impressed by her continued expansion of her own learning through workshops and scholarly literature. Having such a consistent and caring but firm doctor during the pandemic was a huge help to me, and she provided care above and beyond that of my primary care physician."

— High School Teacher

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